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1.Source: Kuancheng is "water is diverted from Luan River". Kuancheng chestnut irrigation water forboth mountain spring, good water quality.

2.Climate conditions: wide at an altitude of 300-400 meters. The four seasons, summer cold warmautumn sky is moderate, krypton, winter cold and less snow, the annual average temperature of 8.6 degrees Celsius, frost free period is 150-175 days, the average annual precipitation 550mm-750mm, adequate light, large temperature difference between day and night. chestnut origin Kuancheng than other developing 25 days later. Long growth cycle, high quality.

3. Kuancheng county is a large county is rich in mineral resources, soil pH in the range of 6.5-7.5,iron, gold, limestone, granite and other kinds of minerals, 40 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body (mainly iron ore).

Because of the special climate and soil conditions, created the Kuancheng chestnut, soft, waxy taste sweet, fragrant characteristics, and high content of nutrients than similar products, becomein chestnut chestnut.

The historical advantage

Chestnut is the king of fruits, has 3000 golden years of history, in the chestnut trees more than 100 years of age Kuancheng county up to more than one hundred thousand trees, the oldest of the chestnut tree planting in 1303, still with luxuriant foliage, fruits, considered by experts as "the king of China chestnut".